Série HS Series - Tsurumi Canada - Série HS Series - Tsurumi Canada

HS Series

Single-phase agitator pumps suspend solids when pumping sand and debris. Available in manual or automatic operation. Horsepower ranges from ½ HP to 1 HP and in 2 inches or 3 inches discharge sizes.

HS Series
HS Series
  • Designed by modifying the impeller and pump casing of HS3.75S for low head and high flow
  • For applications under 10 feet of static head, this can provide double the flow rate of the HS3.75S
  • Still features the same wear resistant materials that offer long-term durability
  • Still compact and portable with excellent maintainability
  • Maximum flow rate of 140 GPM and maximum total dynamic head of 40 feet
  • Available as a manual (HS3.75SL) or automatic pump (HSZ3.75SL)
HS Series
  • Built-in shaft mounted agitator suspends solids
  • Urethane Semi Vortex Impeller for maximum durability and pump performance
  • Attached float switch for automatic operation (Z Models)
Optionnal Accessories
  • Vertical Discharge Coupling
  • 2 inches NPT coupling available for HSZ3.75S-61
  • Anti-wicking block prevents water incursion
  • Built-in larger shaft mounted agitator suspends solids
  • High Chromium Iron impeller
  • Ductile Iron Casing
  • 3/4 HP motor
Sand, and, trash, handling, pumps, with, built, in, agitator, available, in, 1/2, hp,, 3/4, hp, and, 1, hp, models.