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About Tsurumi Canada

Founded in Japan, Tsurumi Pump began submersible pumps production in 1953. With extensive research and continuous development programs, the company quickly revolutionized the submersible pump’s design to become the world market leader. Its factory in Kyoto, internationally recognized for its cutting-edge machining equipment, allows a production capacity of up to one million units per year.

It was in 2001 that Tsurumi Canada was created following an exclusive distribution agreement, positioning the company within a global network of experts holding one of the largest diversities of pumping products internationally. With a vision of accessibility and a determination to be present across Canada, Tsurumi Canada relied on tool rental centers for support in its marketing and distribution efforts. Today, the company's sales are spread among rental centers and CRA members who successfully propel the brand through their customer networks.

To serve its network with excellence while putting the customer first, Tsurumi Canada opens 8 branches in Canada, supported by 5 technical representatives. With a unique approach in the rental world whose business model is based on proximity and product availability, Tsurumi Canada has one of the largest inventories in North America. Its value exceeding $30 million and strategically distributed across Canada allows the company to supply its network in the shortest time in the industry.

With a team of committed and creative experts, the large Tsurumi network is today the world leader in the submersible pump market and remains unequaled by its efficiency, durability and its range including hundreds of models of pumps to meet each application.

Our Mission

Based on sustainable partnership, Tsurumi Canada’s mission is to provide its dealer network with a unique pump purchasing experience supported by a team of experts, within minimal lead times.

Our Vision

Create and empower the largest diversified dealer network that will make Tsurumi pump the number one brand in the country.

Our Core Values


Flexibility is firmly rooted in our culture. It enables us to face the unexpected and adapt to our ever-changing industry and environment. We are always reassessing and reshaping our organization to actively meet the needs of our clients and employees on every level. We actively embrace change.


We are dedicated to creating and innovating. We are driven to achieve results and excellence with energy and urgency, and we are passionate about reaching unprecedented goals.


Commitment not only fuels the way we design and build our products, but also how we serve our clients, with an eye on forging a sustainable, value-adding partnership. We favour our employees' involvement and development, leading us to exceed ever-increasing standards with pride and passion.


We want our operations to be built on a foundation of trust. It must permeate everything we do and manifest itself in a spirit of cooperation that extends to all of our activities. Our customers are valued and treated as true partners, while our employees are seen as our ambassadors, and we show them the utmost respect and consideration.