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TPG Series

TPG-series generators are designed to withstand the severe conditions of construction jobsites or industrial applications, especially where extra durability and dependable, stable power are required. Ideal to supply the power to Tsurumi's single-phase submersible pumps and all your electrical power tools such as drills, saws, lighting and heaters. All units are powered exclusively by Honda and meet all EPA evaporative emission regulations and OSHA job-site standards.

  • High capacity fuel tank with fuel gauge for extended run time
  • Large, silent muffler with USDA qualified spark arrestor to greatly reduce noise
  • All units are CSA approved
  • Optional Accessories
    • Wheel Kit (PGWK-200X)
    • Lifting Bail (PGLB-1X)
Model Discharge Size (in) Motor Output (hp) Max Solid Diameter (in) Diameter (in) Height (in) Weight (lb)
TPG4-3000HCSA NA 5.5 NA 24.4 20.5 110
TPG4-4500HCSA NA 8 NA 27.6 22.6 161
TPG4-6000HCSA NA 11.0 NA 27.6 22.6 183
TPG4-7000HCSA NA 13.0 NA 27.6 22.6 192
TPG4-7000HECSA NA 13.0 NA 27.6 22.6 199

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