Série SFQ series - Tsurumi Canada - Série SFQ series - Tsurumi Canada
SFQ Series
SFQ Series
Tsurumi corrosion resistant pumps are available in 316 or 304 stainless steel as well as titanium. Featuring semi-vortex, vortex, and semi-open impellers, our solidly engineered pumps can endure the corrosive forces of your toughest applications.

SFQ Series SFQ Series Features
316 Stainless Steel construction.

Discharge sizes from 2-4 inches and horsepower ranges from 1/2 - 15 hp.
Dual Silicon Carbide Mechanical Seals.
Seal Pressure Relief System.
Semi-open 316 SS impeller.
Available in three phase only.

316 Stainless Steel guide rail systems available for 7.5 hp - 15 hp models.

Stainless Steel Pumps, Rust Free, Corrosive Resistant, SFQ Series