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KTD Series
Tsurumi Agitator pump KTD Series is a cast iron made, heavy-duty slurry pump employing the KTZ Series as the base. An agitator is provided to assist smooth suction of the pumping fluid. The side-flow, top-discharge design keeps the motor cooling even if the pump is operated continuously with its motor exposed in air, and it makes the pump easier to place in a confined space. 

KTD Pumps Features
Discharge sizes from 2-3 inches and horsepower ranges from 2,7 to 4 hp

2 poles (3600 RPM) motors

Rugged cast iron construction

Dual silicon carbide mechanical seals

Internal Thermal motor protection and Tsurumi oil lifter

Anti wicking cable entrance

Suitable for transferring or draining bentonite slurry used for slurry drilling, draining slurry mixed water in civil engineering works or foundation works

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